Regular eye exams for contact lens patients are essential to ensure that cornea health is maintained. The cornea has no direct blood supply, and relies on oxygen from the air. For this reason, contacts are classified as medical devices that if improperly worn or maintained can cause adverse ocular reactions. Therefore, they require good medical follow-up on a regular basis. We counsel our patients on proper contact lens care to prevent infection and irritation.

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Available Services:

  • Website ordering
  • Courier delivery to your office or home at nominal cost to save time.
  • Available in office, contact lens solution, kits, etc

Type of Contact Lenses Available

Our office carries a large selection of contact lenses from many manufacturers. We prescribe and carry both soft and gas permeable lenses for a variety of lifestyles and wearing schedules. Lenses are available for daily, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly replacement. Solutions, eye drops, cases, and other contact lens accessories are also available at our office.

  • Bifocal Contact Lenses (soft & gas permeable)
  • Silicone Hydrogels & Extended Wear Contacts
  • Soft Toric lenses
  • Coloured contacts
  • One Day Disposables
  • Frequent replacements
  • Gas permeable